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  • Funny Pictures - Hacker Bombers Hacker Bombers

    Gee, ya think this newspaper report might be just a BIT sensationalist?

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  • Cool Links - Aimbot FTW! Aimbot FTW!

    When people say life is not like a video-game, they�re talking shit. Life is a video-game as this short film proves with this guy taking out hackers left, right and centre with awesome head shots. It�s darned impressive and darned epic. BOOM! Head shot. B

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  • Funny Links - Future Hackers Future Hackers

    I do believe in the saying "time comes"

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  • Cool Links - Sky News Vs Hackers Sky News Vs Hackers

    Sky News reporting on the recent attack by the group Anonymous agaisnt Scientology. Notice how Sky News slants the story to drive home some good healthy fear.

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